Layers Bakery Cake Price List 2023

Layers Bakery Cake Price List 2023, Layers Bakery Cake Rate List 2023, Layers Bakery 2.5 Pound Cake Price

Looking for the most up-to-date Gourmet Bakery Cake Price List 2023? No need to look any further! Because on this webpage. We are going to share with you the most updated rate list of Gourmet cakes in Pakistan.

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Layers Bakery Cake Rate List 2023

Here are the up-to-date prices of cakes at Layer Bakeshop in Lahore;

Layers Bakery 2.5 Pound Cake Price

Cake Menu Price in Layer Lahore
Lotus Three Milk Cake Rs. 2700
Lotus Cake Rs. 2500
Belgian Malt Cake Rs. 2300
Ferrero Rocher Cake Rs. 2600
Ferrero Classic Cake Rs. 2000
Nutella Cake Rs. 1900
Red Velvet Cake Rs. 1700
Salted Caramel Cake Rs. 2100
Raffaello Cake Rs. 2200
Kit Kat Cake Rs. 2200
Chocolate Heaven Cake Rs. 1800
Malteser Cake Rs. 2600
German Fudge Cake Rs. 1600
Chocolate Mousse Cake Rs. 1600
Coffee Cake Rs. 1800
Dairy Milk Cake Rs. 1900
Galaxy Chocolate Cake Rs. 2100
Three Milk Cake Rs. 1900
Milky Malt Cake Rs. 1400
Honey Cake Rs. 2100

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Layers Cake Contact Details

Location Lahore, Pakistan.
Phone Number 042 111-529-377
Official Website Click Here
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