Al Mukhtar Bakery Menu Price List 2024

Al Mukhtar Bakery Menu Price List 2024, Menu with Prices

Looking for the most up-to-date Al Mukhtar Bakery Menu Price List 2024? No need to look any further! Because on this webpage. We are going to share with you the most updated rate list of Al-Mukhtar Bakery in United Arab Emirates.

Al Mukhtar Bakery Menu with Prices 2024

Here are the up-to-date prices of  Al-Mukhtar Bakery;

Pizza Menu

Item Price
Vegetarian Pizza AED 20
Margarita Pizza AED 15
Margarita Pepperoni Pizza AED 20
Meat Pizza AED 25
Hot Dog Pizza AED 25
Chicken Pizza AED 25
Sojok Pizza AED 25

Arabic Sweets Menu

Item Price
Maamoul Dates 1 Kg AED 50
Maamoul Walnuts 1 Kg AED 65
Maamoul Pistachio 1 Kg AED 75
Baqlawa Mix Tray 1 Kg AED 85
Namura Plain 1 Kg AED 40

Desserts Menu

Item Price
Konafa Sandwich AED 14
Rice Pudding AED 7.50
Eclair AED 6
Croissant Cheese AED 7
Croissant Zaatar AED 7

Juices Menu

Item Price
Fresh Orange Juice AED 14
Fresh Lemonade Mint Juice AED 14
Fresh Carrot Juice AED 14
Fresh Apple Juice AED 14
Cocktail Juice AED 14

Pastries Menu

Item Price
Spinach Pastry AED 2
Spinach Rakik Pastry AED 2.5
Pizza Pastry AED 2.5
Hot Dog Roll Pastry AED 2.5
Chicken Musa Khan Roll Pastry AED 5

Al Mukhtar Bakery Sharjah Contact Number

Location Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number +971 6 531 2228
Facebook Page Click Here

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